Custom Enclosures and Cabinets

Being a custom fabrication shop, we have the capability not only to cut, bend, weld, polish & paint, but also to design the product for our customers. Utilizing the latest version of Solidworks CAD software, our mechanical design staff impress our customers with over a decade of translating concepts into tangible products.

Our In-house process

  • Consulted with the client
  • Drafted design of product
  • Gained Customer approval
  • Procurement of Materials and Hardware
  • Creation of work order and document handling
  • CNC Punch 1/8 Aluminum Sheet
  • Lexan panels were waterjet cut
  • Pem nuts/press fit fasteners/self clinching fasteners enables modular on-the-fly reconfiguration.
  • Bent aluminum sheet into frame
  • Quality Control Check
  • Powder coated grey in-house
  • Assembled in-house
  • Final QC Assessment
  • Packaged and Ready for Customer

Time and time again, our team is capable of executing a customers vision and creating a real solution for them.

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